Shelter And Ordinance Information

Adoptions from the Fairfield Bay Shelter:

Dogs: $75.00 fee

This fee covers vaccinations, worming and spay/neuter.

Cats  $55.00

This fee covers vaccinations, worming and spay/neuter.

Any animal adopted that will reside within Fairfield Bay City Limits requires a City License before leaving the shelter. City License fee is $10.00/$20.00 per animal and must be renewed yearly. Failure to renew City License will incur a charge of $25.00. Any animal picked up in the City of Fairfield Bay (with or without a license) is considered Animal At Large and Animal Control can issue a warning or a fine.

Animal Reclaim from Shelter:

Any animal that is being reclaimed for the Animal Shelter will incur the following charges:

$40.00 pick up fee.

$10.00 per day maintenece, plus $5.00 for vaccination, $5.00 for worming. And any other incurred veterinary fees. 

After 72 hours the animal becomes property of the Fairfield Bay Shelter, Reclaim will be $165.00 for Spay/Neuter and any applicable vaccinations as per State Law.  (Second offense pick up and maintenance goes up by $10.00 etc)

When reclaiming an animal, please bring your Certificate of Rabies Vaccination as well as your current City License. If you do not have these you will be required to obtain these before the animal can be released, at your expense.

Feral Cats/Kittens

According to Ordinance there is no hold time for healthy feral cats. We do work with trusted farms that will place our altered ferals into their colonies. We do this to avoid euthanizations as well as to give our ferals the freedom they are so used to. We do this only with permission from these farms as well as City and County acceptance. We do NOT release ferals back into FFB City Limits.

Please find other ordinances at: City of Fairfield Bay Codes

Animal Rescue Policy: Please find our rules for Rescue pulls at this Link

Please find our Animal Pull Request form at this Link


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